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How to Choose a Putter

There are four things you have to look into before buying a putter. They are feel, performance, design and price. Luckily, the popular magazine, Golf Digest has done this already in their well known Hot List. They have not just demo and rate putters, they demoed and rated many golf clubs and some other golf equipment.

The first thing you need to do is choose some companies that you would like to look into. Some of these companies should be Ping, TaylorMade, Titleist, Nike, Guerin Rife, and Heavy Putter. These companies have great putters that many professional golfers use and you might be interested in too.

Once you have picked at least five putters that you might want, head over to Golf Digest's website and find out what they have rated them. Then, pick the top three putters you want to get and head over to your local golf shop and try them out. Once you have tried them out and picked the one you want to buy, order it online. You want to order it online because online, you can easily compare prices from store to store. If you bought it in the store you tried it out in, you could be paying a lot more than you should. Also most stores online offer very cheap or free shipping. There are two online stores that I use and suggest to others: The Golf Warehouse and Rock Bottom Golf.

The last thing you have to consider before buying you putter is price. A high handicap player should pay from $20 to $100 for their putter. An average handicap player should pay from $100 to $200 for their putter. A low handicap player is good enough to pick whatever putter they want no matter how expensive it is. Of course, they would also have to play often enough to deserve that privilege.