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Is Palladium the New Platinum?

Discovered in London in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, Palladium is fast becoming recognised as the metal of the 21st Century. In comparison to Platinum and Gold, Palladium is a fairly "new kid on the block", boasting a huge increase in popularity over recent years. A huge influx in demand for Palladium Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings has made the question arise, Is Palladium the new Platinum?

Palladium has a natural bright white colour which means, to the untrained eye, it is hard to tell apart from Platinum. Now no one can deny the beauty, class and sophistication that a crafted Platinum ring has to offer, but it is hard to find any characteristic which cannot be matched by its Palladium counterpart.

Palladium is 44% lighter than Platinum, which means that Palladium can be crafted into larger, bulkier pieces of Jewellery and can still be worn in absolute comfort! Not only is it lighter, but Palladium is also an extremely strong metal, making it scratch resistant and an ideal ring for any man or woman that has a "hands on" job or active lifestyle. Not to insinuate that other metals such as Platinum or Gold will simply mark or scratch easily, but Palladium will certainly offer that little extra strength and resilience if required.

Although Palladiums' popularity has grown greatly of late, with some major retailers reporting a 200% sales increase, it still does not carry the "heavy" price tag in comparison to that of Gold or Platinum. Palladium offers excellent value for money, therefore, the money that you save on the metal can be put towards buying a bigger diamond; something that I am sure will please your other half if buying for that special someone!

The popularity of Palladium has risen within the industry so much, especially with Palladium Engagement Rings, from January 1st 2010 it is compulsory that all Palladium Jewellery is hallmarked; thus symbolising the fact that Palladium is now recognised as a precious metal for jewellery making.

As demand has increased, so has the product ranges which retailers have available. A great example of a fantastic range of Palladium rings can be found at Wedding Rings Direct.

So let's sum this up, Palladium vs. Platinum/Gold, to me there is only one winner! Palladium is fast becoming the future of Jewellery making, the Ferrari or Bentley of the automobile industry, but still without the expensive price tag that goes with the product at the forefront of demand and popularity!