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Lucky Patchwork Handbag - 3 Hottest Sellers From Lucky Brand

Although "patchwork" normally is not something that would appeal to me personally, I have found the Lucky Patchwork Handbag collection to be different - quite different in fact! These bags have quite a look of their own and seem to have found their own place in the world of fashion.

Here is a list of the 3 hottest sellers from the Lucky Brand Patchwork Handbags - they are definitely worth taking a look at!

1. Lucky Brand Patchwork Slouch - Here is the hottest seller from the patchwork bags from Lucky Brand. It has a sort of traditional look about it with evenly squared patches but somehow with it's appearance, it doesn't quite fall into a "traditional" category! Crafted with both leather and suede patch squares.

2. Diana Boho Patchwork Hobo - You read it right - it's not a typo! This bag has an interesting name and an even more interesting look. The patches have a mix of warm rich colors and prints, crafted from canvas and leather pieces. Gorgeous - this one is my personal favorite.

3. Road Rebel Patchwork Bag - This bag has it's own unique look with vertical striped patches crafted from leather. There are apparently two versions of this bag - one with bright and bold colors such as blue and red against black while the other has a bit of a softer appearance with brown shades.

There are actually quite a few more Lucky Patchwork Handbag styles - each with their own unique looks. However, coincident with the most popular ones listed above I happen to agree - these are some of the most gorgeous bags around!